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I also wonder about the me in the last sentence ("That makes me shoot like a rocket") of the long passage quoted above.Presumably this is Miss Lora, still speaking after the "she confides" tag, but doesn't it seem more like something a man would say in this situation?"Miss Lora gives good advice and great laughs - and baking soda tips too!- Cary Odes, Comedian, Comedy Central This book had me laughing at many different intervals.

I'm Miss Lora, the Trailer Trash Miz Manners, and the world has gotten Rude Rude Rude!As in Wallace's story, Díaz's protagonist would appear to be an adolescent incarnation of the narrator with whom the latter can no longer completely identify, thus preventing use of the first-person singular. You have to pull my hair while you do it, she confides. Despite the raunchiness on display in this paragraph and elsewhere, there is an aching tenderness in the voice.Another similarity with Wallace's story is that Díaz's is told in the present tense. She loved him and prayed over him and talked to him like he was still O. The narrator's memories of Miss Lora become a mechanism for dealing with his sense of loss regarding the past, which is clearly tied to his brother's death.(Think of Loverboy's "Lovin' Every Minute of It" and you'll get my drift.) Could it be the narrator—perhaps an unedited remnant of a previous, first-person version of the story?This is where those pesky quotation marks actually have a function!

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Finally, some may find Díaz's liberal use of code-switching (free variation between languages, in this case English and Spanish) to be a bit off-putting.

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